About Us

Our Vision

To encourage the world to love everyone as Christ loves us.

To encourage/influence people to serve others in spite of ethnicity, religious background or economic status through servant leadership, creative events to bring people together, care and opportunities to serve.

One team. One dream.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between people and cultures to create healthy communities and a loving world.

Our Values

We are Christian.
We serve all people.
We are committed to reconciliation.
We value people.
We are responsive.
We are partners.
We are bridge builders.

Our Story

To ease the tension between the police and the community, InTouch CDC was created to bridge the gap between First Responders and the population they serve. What began as a series of basketball games involving Newport News Law Enforcement and teams from civic organizations has evolved into a larger effort to provide assistance and relief in other areas.

InTouch CDC corporate structure includes the Chairman of the Board, Board of Advisors, Secretary, and numerous volunteers. Founded in October 2017, InTouch CDC provides both local and global assistance. We’ve sent over 1 million pounds of food around the world and countless supplies to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas. InTouch CDC helps low-income families purchase homes through grants and recently launched a premier after school program for working parents.  Students are taught music, theater, dance, and health education to develop essential life skills. They also receive tutoring, homework assistance, and a hot meal for a nominal cost.  

While local and state governments are charged to promote the state economy and take operational control over most government programs, InTouch CDC’s goal is to take back the community by raising civic awareness, connecting with community leaders, and providing solutions to everyday challenges.

We look forward to building sustainable partnerships as we continue to “bridge the gap” at home and around the world.

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